As I have gone through my week, I have been in deep thought about what I plan to do with my life if I cannot achieve my dream of getting into the field of physical therapy.  I grow in frustration throughout the days because my determination and dedication guide me through difficult obstacles.

Today, I received my 9th rejection from PT schools this year but I am intrepid in my desire to become a physical therapist.  I want to be able to make people become more independent and satisfied with their lives.  As a physical therapy aide currently, I have seen many people recover and improve immensely throughout their treatment.  It is a joy to bring happiness to someone’s life and to provide them the opportunity to achieve their goals.

My plan is to keep trying and to not give up on my dream of getting into physical therapy school.  While I have gotten rejected from so many schools, I still will keep a positive mind as I have three schools still left to hope for.  Never give up, never surrender.